This is the web site of BLUE BELL SENIOR CAMP which has been inactive since 2006.
The site is no longer being maintained or monitored.
It is here to help preserve the memories of those who were part of the camp over the years.
Blue Bell Senior Camp is not affiliated in any way with Blue Bell Junior Camp or any other camp.

We had an AUCTION AT CAMP - May 26, 2007, at 9:00 AM

November 2006

In the fall of 1979 we wrote to all of our Blue Bell families to tell them, excitedly, that the management of the camp was being taken over by a new generation. Now, 27 summers later, and with a mixture of feelings, we are informing our campers and their families that we have decided that it is time for us to retire from the daily demands of managing a day camp. Our announcement for 2007 is that we are hanging up our whistles and the camp will not be in operation.

We want to thank all of the wonderful campers who shared their summers with us for making us a part of their lives. For our part, we can not imagine a more pleasant or rewarding way to have used our year-round energies. Our greatest hope is that you will look back on your years at Blue Bell as times of fun and friends and personal growth.

And to the families who shared their boys with us for all those summers, we say thank you for trusting us to deliver the service you expected, and thank you for allowing us to have so much quality-time with your sons. We hope we were able to deliver the sort of day camp experience that you were seeking.

To our staff, we must offer our special thanks. Many of you have become our close friends and we will surely miss working with you. You were the magic that made the camp much more than just a place to learn baseball or tennis or fishing. You were the summertime-dads (and occasionally moms) who gave all that you had to the campers and made Blue Bell Senior Camp an exciting, yet comfortable place where campers could learn and grow. You, above all made this camp unique.

While we will deeply miss the energy and voices that we are accustomed to in the summer, we have other adventures of our own that we have been looking forward to enjoying: notably some community duties and long-deferred summer vacations. But we have beautiful memories and lots of pictures to remind us of our wonderful years at camp.

We wish all of you many years of happiness and, as we have said many times before, have a great summer!


                                                                                         Melanie and John Harris

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