1.    All campers may make one activity trade per day.

2.    Trades may not involve Swim, Baseball (daily game) or optional periods.

3.    Trades involving Escape may only be done within an age group (dark line on schedule).

4.    Trades involving Football, Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse or Basketball may only be done within the same age group or one age group away.

5.    You may trade any other activity with any camper from any group.

6.    Trades may not be 3-way or done with a camper who is not here.

7.    All trades must be approved by Chris M. or Andy at the head table during period 0.

8.    Trades can only be made for the current day.

9.    Once the 9:45 bell rings, all trades are final.





1.    If, for any period, there is an optional activity listed for your group (under the regular activity and in bold letters), you may go to that activity instead of your regular one.

2.    Each activity has a limit, so it is possible you may not get it every time you go. If you do not get in, go promptly to your regular activity. The counselor at the optional will make sure you get in next time.